Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Rest in Peace my Sweet Baby Girl.........6/18/07 - 5/31/12

Floating Away

Floating away soon on angels wings,
Blossom, not yet 5, will a new song sing.

Across the river her Daddy waits,
Waiting to welcome his love.
Bursting forth from the gate,
Arms embracing like a glove.

Together with her Daddy, hand in hand,
touring heaven, that fair land.

Blossom, we wish you well,
We would have known you in this life.
Heaven is where you'll dwell,
Safe journey to end the strife.

Brother, sister, Mom hold fast,
Knowing soon, together at last.

by Tim Stowell


  1. I am so sorry to hear this news. You have been through so much already. I pray for your healing.

  2. I'm again sadden by your loss!

  3. Such a beautiful poem, Tim! Cheryl...praying for your precious family. My heart is full of grief for you. I know this has been an unbearable journey! HUGS!!!

  4. Cheryl, I'm so sorry to hear the sad news, but I know Jay was waiting for Blossom to arrive and keep him company. My heart goes out to you & the kids. Tim's poem was beautiful; thanks for posting it on Facebook.

    With Love & Prayers,
    Diane Dellicker

  5. Cheryl, that is beautiful. I'm so sorry for your loss. It breaks my heart for you and your family.

    Such an awesome poem (Tim is amazing). It brings tears to my eyes...your baby girl is finally with her Daddy.


  6. I'm so sorry Cheryl. I pray God will continue to wrap his loving and comforting arms around you.
    ~Shannon M (friends with Mary Jane P)

  7. I'm so very sorry Cheryl. May you find comfort in knowing that our Creator, Jay and those before us will guide Blossoms transition and that she will be loved eternally in Heaven. ♥

  8. Dear Cheryl,

    I have been praying for you, your family, and Blossom for a long time. I know Blossom no longer suffers and is rejoicing because now she has her daddy that she has wanted for so long. One day, you will all be reunited and you will all rejoice together. Until then, I will continue to pray for peace for you and your children.
    Tim, I loved your poem. What a great sentiment for Cheryl and Blossom.
    God bless all of you,
    Lee Ann

  9. Dear Cheryl
    I just learned this now-I have been busy with the end of the school year and missed this devastating news. I am so sorry for your loss.

  10. Dear Cheryl,
    I cannot believe I missed this tragic news when you posted it.I am so sorry for your loss.Blossom knew she was loved-that is the important thing.