Monday, January 16, 2012

The Middle of My Story!

This is written at the middle of my story. I am Dossier to China (DTC) on 12/1/11, and (Lock in Date)LID 12/8/11!!! But that's not where it all started! Back on November of 2010, my husband and I looked at a referral picture of the most beautiful little girl, and we fell in love. On 12/9/10, we received our pre-approval!!! Sadly, my husband went to the ER that day.....we continued our paperchasing and dreaming together of going to China and what it would be like to bring home our precious daughter. But, in March of 2011, my husband's illness grew worse, and as hard as he fought over the next few months, and as much as we never believed, he wouldn't get better....sadly,  he didn't, and on June 12th, my husband died.  Two weeks later, I received our notice of approval to adopt our precious daughter, you can only imagine what I was feeling! So from June til now, I've continued the adoption journey alone,  as a Single Mom, and through God's grace, got through it all, and now I am waiting for Letter of Acceptance (LOA)! My daughter who will be named Blossom (for obvious reasons) Jaylynn, which is a combination of my name (Cheryl Lynn) and my husband's name, Jay, has been the light and miracle through my family's devastating loss. My two children 12 and 9 are so excited to bring their little sister home!


  1. I am so proud of you,Bonnie and Brennan for continuing your journey for Blossom Jaylynn.I can't wait to meet her and have her become a part of our family. I will do anything I can to help along the way. Love always, Marcy

  2. Your story is so precious in the way that you have continued on this journey, and how strong your faith is! Blessings to you on this journey!

  3. What a heartbreaking and touching story! I'm sorry for the uspeakable loss you have suffered. Your daughter is just beautiful, and I pray that she is in your arms two need each other so much!